How to rest

Many people do not know how to rest. We think that lying on the couch watching TV is resting. It is not. We think that taking a bath while scrolling on our phones is resting. It is not. We think that sitting in a nice sunny garden reading a newspaper is resting. It is not.

Resting is doing nothing. Period.

Here’s how to rest:

  • Lie down. (If not possible, sit down.)
  • Close your eyes
  • No sound, music, TV, apps, phones, talking or other distractions
  • Do this for at least 15 minutes, and maximum of 20 minutes

After a few seconds to minutes, you may feel nervous or bored. You may have annoying thoughts or suddenly feel fatigued. You may enter a state of daydreaming or even fall asleep. All of these are fine and part of resting.

Do not exceed 20 minutes. If you tend to, set an alarm.

Resting should be done multiple times a day, at least three times. If you are tired, stressed out, nervous or anxious, rest at least five times per day.

That’s how resters rest.